Tangible financial gains through financial structing

Financial Research and Analytics

We help companies and investment intermediaries with advanced financial modeling and execution support. Our services are designed to allow our clients to realize tangible financial gains; be it through financial analytics or through operational efficiencies. We provide an end-to-end investment management centre of excellence; for financial intermediaries- covering setup of new funds, investment analytics, financial modeling, to portfolio management.

Financial Analytics

Business Process Improvement
  • Financial benchmarking and normalization
  • Financial planning and analysis
Portfolio management through very Sophisticated Techniques and Proprietary Frameworks
  • Capital markets
  • Structured finance products

Investment Analytics

Origination Support
  • Target and acquirer analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Competitive analysis
Execution Support
  • End-to-end financial case management
  • Information memorandum
  • Integration planning
  • Due diligence management
Portfolio Management
  • Fund analysis and design
  • Comparative analysis
  • Investee company performance enhancement

Our Solutions

White Papers

The role of emerging economies in the global, strictly private and confidential medical device and equipment markets

Snapshot of Financial Research and Analytics

  • Analyzing Operational Levers for a Target in the Aviation Industry for a global PE Fund
  • Optimize distribution strategy for OTC and pharma drugs in one of its key emerging market for a global pharma company
  • Credit appraisal support to assess outlook for the financial health of tenants for a global Bank