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About Boston Analytics

Boston Analytics specializes in applying next generation analytical solutions to address clients' problems and opportunities. Our mission is to help operating companies and investment firms uncover – and act on – opportunities to:

  • INVEST & GROW in mature and emerging markets
  • DEEPEN engagement with customers
  • ENHANCE effectiveness and controls over business operations
  • REDUCE cost of business inputs and processes

Our method is data driven: in everything we do, we apply modern and agile analytical techniques to discover and exploit insights derived from facts and data.
We are sharply focused on areas where we have deep expertise and experience. Our Principals have walked in our clients’ shoes, and intimately understand the challenges and issues involved. As senior executives at leading companies, we have delivered impressive revenue growth and cost reduction results, as well as impactful and lasting product and process innovations.

Our Solutions

Strategy Analytics
Strategy Analytics
  • Market Prioritization
  • Market Watch
  • Business Models
Business Analytics
Business Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Market Analytics
  • Risk Analytics
  • Operations Analytics
Financial Research and Analytics
Financial Research and Analytics
  • Financial Analytics
  • Investment Analytics
Capital Raise
Capital Raise
  • Fund raise of US$ 100mn – 1bn for Private Equity and Hedge Funds

Case Studies

Consumer Goods

A food and beverages player in middle east wanted to re-design its organizational structure to achieve its strategic goals

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A global healthcare services provider wanted to assess the U.S. laser market and assess opportunities in the equipment market

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Financial Services

BA custom designed a user friendly and scalable real estate portfolio application to help monitor large loan portfolios

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Telecom and Media

Evolution of Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS) in India and its value chain analysis

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Industrial & Infrastructure

Analysis of investment opportunities available in the Brazilian collision repair industry for a mid-market Investment Bank

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Some of our clients

growth strategy business analytics solutions emerging markets

White Papers

The role of emerging economies in the global medical device and equipment markets