About Boston Analytics

We’re creating the tools that empower people to address complex questions through predictive analytics without requiring them to become data scientists, statisticians or programmers.

Our analytics platform integrates, manages and secures linked graph data. Industry based applications apply machine assisted analytics to uncover insights and make predictions.

And because insight requires action to be effective, we work with our clients using a consultative approach to turn insights into results.

Our Product

Our platform, Alethiyom, enables businesses to:

  • Apply any data source for analysis - spreadsheets, web content, social media, video and many other types
  • Visualize relationships and discover unknown connections
  • Collaborate and share insights within the organization securely

Our Solutions

Solutions that help organizations discover their knowledge advantage.

Businesses are often challenged in taking a robust data-driven approach to strategic decision making. Despite the wealth of data available today for analysis, the difficulty in separating the signal from noise is creating a growing knowledge gap. Our solutions help connect the dots to bridge this gap giving decision makers actionable insights across multiple domains and industries.

Solutions by Industry

Our solutions reflect our domain expertise and deliver value across multiple industries including Investment Banking, Private Equity, Technology.

Solutions by Role

Decision makers in each function have unique requirements that impact data sources and analysis approach. Learn how our solutions are tailored to the needs of professionals in Strategy, Investment, Marketing, Sales and other areas.